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New Zealand Government Level 4 alert measures for COVID-19 came into effect on 25th March. Physiotherapists were faced with a rapid transition to digital health. We called on some local and international experts in the field to talk about some of the technological, medicolegal and other issues relating to the use of digital health services with the aim of getting physiotherapists prepared for this rapid change in healthcare delivery.


Gloria Paterson (Clinical Lead, Waitemata DHB, NZ)
Amanda Hensman-Crook (Consultant MSK Physio, FCSP, HEE AHP national clinical fellow, UK)
Dr Lesley Holdsworth (Scottish Government Clinical Lead for Digital Health Care)

The panel talk about their experience with digital health and some essentials including:

  • NZ considerations
  • What is telehealth
  • What video platform to use?
  • Insurance issues
  • Which patients are appropriate for telehealth?
  • Maintaining patient privacy 
  • Managing clinical risk
  • How does the consultation work?
  • Documentation for telehealth consultations

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