This webinar was recorded on:  29 June 2022
Cost:  $10.00 NZD
Access: 14 days

Presented by:  Jack March
 Angela Cadogan

Is osteoarthritis due to ‘wear and tear’? Is running bad for OA? What should we be telling our patients and what can physiotherapy do?  

Jack discusses how osteoarthritis develops with its myriad of complexities affecting the whole joint, providing an explanation for seemingly counter-intuitive outcomes such as running being beneficial for knee Osteoarthritis. 

Study time: 1 hour approximately

Handouts and CPD Certificate included.


  • Handouts provided.

  • CPD certificates provided (1 learning hour)

  • Access to the recording for 14 days


Excellent webinar


Comprehensive and clear update on the pathology and management of osteoarthritis.

Great overview


Great explanation of restorative compared to suppression. I liked the languaging to patients of how to explain oa and the factors that influence it. Thanks.

Great - thank you.


Great overview on how we explain and approach the management of OA with our patients. Thank you.

Osteoarthritis beyond wear and tear


Very informative webinar really enjoyed it.

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Jack March

BSc (Hons) MCSP

Jack is Rheumatology Clinical lead for Chews Health. Alongside his clinical roles he provides CPD seminars on recognising Rheumatology and other CPD materials from his website https://Rheumatology.Physio.

He is Operations Director for The Physio Matters Podcast Team. He has previously worked across various advanced roles including Rheumatology and Orthopaedics as well as Advanced Level Physiotherapy in general MSK for Nuffield Health.