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Join Dr Angela Cadogan and our community of learners and become more confident in assessing and managing shoulder conditions.

Save over $600 on courses and webinars - all for the price of 2 coffees per month. If you want to upskill in shoulder assessment and treatment, this is the ideal way to save on CPD, get priority places at practical courses, learn from expert instructors, connect with other physiotherapists, get help with patient cases, keep up to date with the latest research, get access to clinical and learning resources and more!

Membership Benefits

What's included in the Shoulder Academy membership?

  • Great Discounts and Special Offers

    50% discount on all online shoulder courses. 15% off in-person shoulder courses* (conditions may apply). Plus other special offers from time to time.

  • FREE access to Shoulder Webinars

    Free access to all live and recorded shoulder webinars.

  • Exclusive Q&A's

    Exclusive Live Q&A's with Dr Angela Cadogan and guests, only for Academy members. Bring your questions and cases for discussion.

  • Private Community

    Private online community to access latest research and lerning resources, discuss case studies and interact with other physiotherapists with shared interests.

  • Priority Booking

    Advanced notification and priority booking for all Physio Academy in-person courses or 'limited number' events (including non-shoulder)

Your subscription includes:

Here are all the webinars that are included in your subscription.

Pricing options

For the price of 2 coffees per month, all this learning is yours. Choose from a monthly (opt-out anytime) or annual subscription (2 months FREE).

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Your Shoulder Academy Team

Dr Angela Cadogan

PhD, NZRPS, M.Sports Physio, Dip.MT Physiotherapy Specialist (Musculoskeletal)

Angela is a NZ registered Physiotherapy Specialist (Musculoskeletal). Angela has a Ph.D in Musculoskeletal Diagnostics from AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand (2012) with a sub-specialty in the diagnosis and management of shoulder pain.

She is based in Christchurch, New Zealand where she works as a clinical consultant in her own physiotherapy practice and in a diagnostic Orthopaedic Triage role (Shoulder) with the Canterbury District Health Board. Angela has an ongoing research interest in shoulder conditions and has been an invited keynote speaker at many national and international shoulder conferences.

Angela is the Director of Physio Academy and runs her own online and in-person courses to help upskill other physiotherapists in the assessment and management of the shoulder. For more information visit


  • Can I stop my monthly payments if I decide not to continue?

    Sure! You can opt out and stop your monthly payments any time. If you signed up to the annual plan, you can choose not to renew at the end of the year (no refunds given on the annual plan).

  • What if I can't join the Q&A's on the set date?

    These will all be recorded and the video will be available to view within 1-2 days of the session for members to view.

  • Who can join the online Shoulder Community?

    Anyone who signs up for a Shoulder Academy membership will automatically be included in the community. The community is private, and only Shoulder Academy members are added. It is not an open social media site. We want this to be a safe and supportive place for members to learn and grow.