Medical Screening | Unit 5: Cancer Screening

Access: 30 days 

Cost: $50.00 NZD

All Medical Screening units include Unit 1: Introduction.  You need to complete this only once. 

In this unit we cover:
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Pathways for metastases
  • Endogenous risk factors
  • Exogenous risk factors
  • Clinical reference sheets

Learning Activities:
  • Slide handouts
  • Video presentation (43 minutes)
  • Quiz

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the most common types of cancer
  • Describe common cancer pathways and signs and symptoms of bony metastases
  • Describe the endogenous and exogenous risk factors for different cancer types.
  • List clinical symptoms and signs of different cancer types. 

Study Time:
Approx. 1 hour